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Water Chlorination

What is Chlorination

Disinfect Water with  Chlorine in Water Treatment Process
For our domestic and industrial purpose, need water which is safe, clear and free from disease-causing micro organisms. They also desire and necessary use of water which is soft, free from unpleasant smell, tastes and odors, and does not discolor pipe and plumbing equipments or corrosion metals. Industry required treatment water that will not interfere with its processes. Recently there has been increasing concern about the presence of minute quantities of organic material, particularly chlorinated hydrocarbons, which are thought to be causative agents of a variety of diseases. Such contaminants are known to be present in main Water Treatment main supplies although their effect upon health is unknown. Standard disinfection water treatment equipment practice using chlorine contributes to the production of these compounds.


Chlorine in Water

Disinfection of water is the killing of disease-causing microorganisms that it may contain. In the water treatment  process, bacteria are  reduced in number. Complete sterilization, however, is not ordinarily obtained nor necessary. Chlorine in its various forms has been widely used in disinfecting water in Swimming water treatment, drinking water treatment and waste water treatment fields. It is cheap, reliable and presents no great difficulty in handling.

Chlorine is a very active element and when added in  water Treatment as free chlorine it will combine with organic and inorganic matter and oxidize some organic and inorganic compounds. Free available chlorine reacts with ammonia and many organic amines to form chloramines. The chlorine in water in chemical combination with ammonia or other nitrogenous compounds which modify its rate of bactericidal action is known as the combined available chlorine. The chlorine demand of water is the difference between the amount of chlorine present as a residual, either free or combined, after some designated period.


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